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Exo CRM & Trader is an all-in-one solution designed to help retail brokerage companies manage their trading business and customer relationships effectively.

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About CRM Platform

Easy and secure integrations

The CRM is also designed for easy integrations, it can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as liquidity providers, VoIP solutions, financial analysis tools, providing a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships.

Additionally, it offers robust security features that allow retail brokerage firms to control access to the system, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive client data.

Advanced brokers management

You can define different roles in your company and assign them to groups. Each group will have a manager which can manage and track brokers activity history. With advanced permissions setup, you can easily customize the solution to your needs and business.

Manage employees

Track and manage employees with advanced dashboard analytics.

Define employee roles

Define employee roles specific to your organization.

Add new employees

Add new employees with roles.

Create employee groups

Create employee groups and define group leads and members.

Customize permissions

Customize permissions for each employee and create permission presets.

Track detailed activity

Track detailed activity history of your employees.

Advanced traders management

With Exo CRM & Trader you get the best user experience when it comes to tracking, managing and interacting with your traders. Our CRM will help you improve your business and speed up your company growth.

  • Comprehensive dashboard for quick overview of traders and their activity
  • Focused traders lists for each of your employee customized by roles
  • Monitor detailed live performance of your traders and their trading activity
  • Engage with traders through integrated VoIP solution or email
  • Create and define different trader levels and customize user conditions

Track and manage transaction

Keep track of all the deposits and withdrawals from your traders so you can identify patterns and make informed decisions about financial activities on your platform.

  • Track and manage deposits and withdrawals
  • Monitor live transactions analytics

Affiliates management

Our affiliate management streamlines your organization’s affiliate program and drives growth through efficient administration, integration of API and support from our team of experts.

  • Add new affiliates quickly
  • Enable and disable affiliates easily when needed through CRM
  • Receive and integrate API for affiliates
  • Receive technical support from a team of experts

Market data management

Exo CRM & Trader enables you with customization of market data sources, symbols, and trading specifications for informed decision-making and risk management. It helps your brokerage company stay ahead and minimize risk.

  • Choose Exchanges you wish to use on your platform
  • Select and enable symbols for each trader level
  • Customize symbol details and trading specifications

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