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With the help of our technology jump start your journey into the cryptocurrency world by getting a white label crypto exchange modular platform.

With a 3-week guarantee to market terms and conditions apply.

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Some of the features of our exchange crypto software include:

1. Fast and easy registration

Easy registration for the clients with automated verification process powered by SumSub compliant with multiple regulatory bodies.

2. Multiple liquidity integrations

We provide our clients with the best price matching software with the help of our partners such as Binance, Kraken, Bitfinity.

3. Integration with various FIAT payment solutions development

Easily accept payments from your clients with our api integration. Integrate multiple PSP and process Cryptocurrencies and wire payments.

Our exchange is built with modular technology

  • Efficiented and scalable infrastructure

  • Suitable for start-ups and established companies

  • Easily add or remove modules

Easy onboarding process for our clients

1. Project discussion

The first step into our process is scheduling a meeting with our expert team. Discussing the client’s needs and the best way to start

2. Development & Execution

The development process is starting right after the contract has been signed and the process started. With our unique 3-week-to-market policy, the product will be ready as soon as possible.

3. Launch & Scale

After the product is finished, we are helping clients to launch the project, to provide technological support and to help them scale their business.

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