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Our custom trading client platform is designed for brokerages looking for a flexible and powerful solution for managing their trades. With real-time market data, advanced charting and analytics tools, and customizable user interfaces, this platform offers everything needed to make informed trading decisions and execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Our trader application services

From managing multiple accounts and portfolios to automating complex trading strategies, our platform is built to meet the needs of even the most demanding traders. With a user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Helvetic Trader is the ideal choice for brokerages looking to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Advanced features

Helvetic Trader offers advanced features such as advanced technical analysis tools, and real-time market data to give traders an edge in making informed decisions. These features provide traders with a more sophisticated and in-depth view of market data, allowing them to identify trends, analyze market activity, and make more informed decisions.

  • Technical analysis tools that include indicators, oscillators, trend lines that help traders assess market trends and make predictions;
  • Real-time market data such as prices, volumes, and other market metrics, to help traders make informed decisions in fast-paced and dynamic markets;
  • Automated trading which allows traders to set up rules-based trades that can be executed automatically, reducing the need for constant monitoring;
  • Access to real-time news, market insights, and research to help traders stay informed and make informed decisions.

3. Comprehensive charts

Advanced charts are an essential tool for experienced traders who need to make informed decisions in fast-paced and volatile financial markets. These charts provide a more comprehensive and sophisticated view of market data, allowing traders to identify trends and make more informed decisions.

  • Choose from multiple time frames and technical indicators;
  • Different market views such as candlestick to view price movements or heat map;
  • Plot multiple data sets on one chart to have a holistic view of market activity.

5. Customized user experience

A user-friendly interface in Helvetic Trader makes it easy for traders to navigate and access the features needed for successful trading. Helvetic Trader has a visually appealing design that is simple to navigate and all features and tools are easy to find and use.

  • Traders can customize their trading experience, create watchlist and set alerts;
  • Users are able to view real-time market data, live quotes, charts, and news updates;
  • Easily place trades with clear instructions and confirmation steps;
  • Helvetic Trader is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, with a responsive design that adjusts to any screen size.

2. Various deposit methods

Having a variety of deposit methods in Helvetic Trader provides traders with greater flexibility and convenience. With this, you allow them to quickly and easily fund their accounts using the method that best suits their needs, whether it be through cryptocurrency, wire transfer, or credit card.

  • Using Crypto deposits you allow your traders to quickly and easily transfer funds without having to go through a financial institution;
  • Secure and reliable deposit method using a Wire transfer directly from their bank account to the trading platform;
  • Fast and convenient deposit method via credit card such as Visa and MasterCard.

4. Multiple trading accounts

The platform also offers the ability to manage multiple accounts, including demo accounts, which allows traders to test their strategies and gain experience in a risk-free environment.

  • Easily open new trading accounts in multiple currencies;
  • Demo account with the opportunity to test and refine trading strategies in a risk-free environment;
  • Provide traders to diversify their investments, manage risk, and potentially increase profits.

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